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To Whom Little Is Given, Little Is Expected:The Colorado AvEagles Lose 6-2 in Edmonton

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

The Colorado Avalanche are currently on the IR. On the other-hand, the Colorado AvEagles had a game in Edmonton tonight. That's truly what the roster is made up of at this point. The Avalanche are so banged up they feel more like the AHL team in Loveland than the explosive Avs we know. How much can be expected when both your goalies are injured, 2/3 of your first line, a key defender, and that's not even all of it. We all knew going into it, for the Avs to win tonight, it would of taken at least three miracles.

Anytime the world gets to see Hockey Jesus, Connor McDavid, go against NateDawg, we all win. When those two face off, your bound to get some sick goals and a high tempo-high scoring game. That happened to be true for the Hockey Jesus tonight, who recorded a hat-trick and two assists to tie his career high, all before the ten minute mark in the 2nd period. He would go on to add another assist and be involved on all 6 of Edmonton's goals. Not much needs to be said about that... I'm sure the rest of the hockey world is already on their knees ready to praise this one.

Until Edmonton's first goal, I was convinced we were about to steal one in Edmonton and dominate doing it. 31 seconds into the game, Zack Kassian leveled Mackinnon on a clean hit, but that doesn't matter to Meat and Potatoes. You don't hit Matt Calvert's superstar without hearing from him.

Less than a minute later, Burakovsky recorded the 1st of his two goals to put the Avs up 1-0. At this point, I had the Feel The Wern shirt on and was expecting nothing less than a 4-0 Avs win. You know what they say though, "lightning never strikes the same place twice" and for Adam Werner you couldn't even hear the thunder. Not to take away anything from the shutout the other night, but I think Connor Mcdavid showed us why Adam Werner is in the AHL.5 Edmonton goals later, Werner was replaced before the end of the second period and the Oilers went on to extend to a 6-2 lead. The third period happened but did anyone really watch it?

Let's look onto brighter times and better moments. Big Z, that Russian freak is traveling with the team just 10 days after a broken jaw. Mikko is skating with the team again, Grub traveled with them, and Bellemare returned to the ice tonight! The biggest W of them all: The Avalanche played a full game without any new injuries. Screw the final result, I'm going to take the W's where I can find them and that might be the biggest win of the Avalanche season. Under the power of the Hockey Gods, please just let the Avalanche return home from this road-trip with no more injuries. Just stay above .500 until Mikko, Big Z, and Grub are back. Gabe will follow and everyone knows just how damn good this Avs team is at full force.

The Avs head to Vancouver Saturday to play a Canucks team that has cooled down since their hot start. After that they travel to Calagry and Minnesota, before returning home to play the Leafs. If the Avs can come out this road trip 1-2-1, there's not much else we can ask for given injury circumstances. Go Avs and #CaleForTheNorris


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