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The Starting QB Job Should Be Brandon Allen's To Lose

201st overall, 3rd string, waived, 3rd string again, waived, practice squad, waived, signed four days before the 2019 season to be Joe Flacco's temporary backup, QB1 for week 9. The NFL career of Brandon Allen has been an absolute mess. If you would of told me in week 1 that Joe Flacco wouldn't be our starting QB come week 9, I would of been jazzed to see Drew Lock get his chance to prove why he's a 2nd round pick. If you would of told me Brandon Allen would be starting week 9, I would of proceeded to question your knowledge for the Broncos.

Hand up, I didn't know Brandon Allen was on the Broncos, further, even a human until Flacco went to the sidelines with a neck injury back in week 8. I'd like to believe I'm a very aware Broncos fan and would know something like who our backup QB is, but with Lock injured not once did the thought cross my mind, we might need to replace Flacco. I mean after you land THE GUY like Flacco, you just assume he's Iron Man.

When Allen was named starting QB for week 9, I chalked it up as a big bounce-back game for the Browns--might of been the most false assumption I've ever assumed. Allen came out against the Browns, and from the beginning looked poised, collected, and generally ready for the NFL. As we love to say about any QB who has better awareness than a 1st grader, he's sneaky athletic. We saw the sneaky athletiscm come out on a early 3rd and 8, where he extended a drive with his feet that would eventually end in a TD pass and Brandon Allen's first ever NFL tuddy.

Remind of you someone? Anyone? I'll give you a hint: He's unquestionably the most athletic guy to ever play QB

Allen's first ever NFL start, truly was about as perfect as Vic Fangio and Rich Scangarello allowed him to be. For throwing only 20 times, Allen picked up two TD's, a touch under 200 yards, and a 125.3 QB rating. Most importantly, he didn't turn the ball over which in turn allowed the defense to not be on the field 3/4th of the game (take notes Flacco).

He was enough of a threat through the air, that the run game was able to flow smoothly. It wasn't a thunderdome beatdown and I know it was against a Browns team that's more dangerous to blow up than Yellowstone, but he was a game manager and that's what the Broncos need right now. Let Brandon Allen start until he loses the job for himself. There is absolutely no need to start an immature, injured, Drew Lock. Give Lock a full year of development, and a fresh record and the odds will be much more in his favor than now. Or you know, based on Elway's past, they will throw him in in the middle of this garbage year, give him no real tools to work with, be befuddled as to why he's not a NFL caliber QB, and draft another questionable QB with a high pick. The John Elway Method.

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