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Stats Don't Lie And Josh Gordon Stays Undefeated

Josh Gordon and the Patriots part ways on October 23rd and 11 days later, they recorded their first loss. The Seahawks signed Josh Gordon on November 1st and have yet to lose. I'm not a big math guy, but if the Patriots never lost when they had Josh Gordon and the Seahawks have yet to lose with Josh Gordon, that means he's a perfect 9-0.

After Monday Night's "classic" that Boog coined real time, multiple times, making it that much less of a "classic", no team remained undefeated. No team is Josh Gordon though. It seems quite simple to me, put JG on the field and it's a win. The first reception he recorded as a Seahawk proves just that.

3rd and 6, little over three minutes left, and Russel Wilson throws to a guy he has little trust or chemistry with. 13 yards later and a 1st down, the Seahawks drive continues to down rumble for what at the time, was a go-ahead FG.

Real talk, if Tyler Lockett doesn't fake an injury down the stretch, the once thinned Seahawks WR core, will be terrifying. Physically speaking and on paper. D.K, Lockett, Gordon, and that one guy who looked like Randy Moss in OT. Add a god-level Russel Wilson, a workhorse in Chris Carson, and OH BUDDY, NFL defenses are in trouble. Furthermore, throw a Jadaveon Clowney that just does whatever his grown, freak athlete, heart desires and a rejuvenated Quandre Diggs and you got my Super Bowl bet. Before the big win last night, they were +2200 on Bovada, but odds should adjust next week. If the Seahawks remain +1350 or more, its an absolute hammer for me.

If I did my math right on the Josh Gordon record, facing past trends, the Seahawks shouldn't lose the rest of the year. Pretty incredible stuff. Harden strip club type sabermetrics.

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