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Trae Young Is Officially A Star And He Wants All The Smoke

As a Nuggets fan one thing was made painfully evident to me last night: Trae Young is a top 5 bucket-getter in the world. The man turned into a shark last night and the Nuggets were bleeding. Only a few times in my life can I ever recall a defense looking so helpless against a scorer. Stopping Trae meant leaving both big men open and the dude was dimin'. He was scoring relentlessly, driving as he desired, and staring in the souls of whoever he pleased.

If you want to hear more about what Trae Young did to the Nuggets and why he might be my dad, check out my blog from earlier.

I personally have always been a Trae Young stan, but what he's doing this year is planting himself on the map as a force to come for many years. If any of y'all twitter timelines look mine, than I'm sure it's been full of different clubs (created just to suffice this narrative) that Trae Young became a part of last night. If you would of shown my timeline to someone whose unaware of the NBA, they would gather one thing:Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Trae Young are the three best basketball players ever to play. Don't know what I'm talking about? Here's a little sneak peak

"The Steph Curry Impact" is a theory that the future of the NBA will be flooded with little guys, who snap ankles, and hit threes from the logo. Well uhhh--Trae Young accelerated that theory by 10 fold. I mean I'm not here to debate if 2nd year Trae Young is better than 2nd year Steph Curry because I don't think there is a debate to be had. I know it's only 10ish games into the season, but Steph wasn't top 10 in scoring and assists at any point of his sophomore year in the NBA *peaking eyes emoji*. Just imagine what his games going to look like five years from now. Let's just hope he doesn't go 73-9 and recruit MPJ (the best scorer in the league five years from now).

As if staring through the Nuggets soul and dropping 40-10 on their head wasn't enough, Ice Trae took to twitter... with a little help from the baddest man in the NFL.

If this Hawks squad stays together down the road, they are going to be a PROBLEM. Even this year, if they can levitate in that .500% area until Collins is back from his juicing scandal, they should make a serious run at the playoffs. I also expect Miami to return back to preseason expectations and the race for the division to heat (too obvious) up.

P.S. Trae, you ain't sly, come up with better captions

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